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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring international student communities closer to the startup ecosystem and show them how the startup mindset works.

We do this by creating an engaging content about startups and building communities to bring people together and connect them with each other.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a reliable young and energetic startup community that will help each other to reach goals and create something new.  

We would like to start a Global Movement that will empower people to jump into the startup industry. We want to share the startup knowledge and bring people together to inspire and empower each other.

Our Core Values

These are the main principals that our initiative stands on. If you share the same mindset, you are one of us then ! 🙌🏼

Our Story


The Startup Adventures, as an initiative, started in January 2020. I wanted to know how different startup companies were running their operations and what was the main ingredient of their fast-growing success!

I wrote a huge email to one of the most famous startup companies in Estonia — Pipedrive. They responded to me in around 2 hours and we set the meeting for the first interview of Startup Adventures. I went there with my friend Hardik Tank and we met their Talent Acquisition team lead — Mirjam Laurisaar. The interview went really well — she showed us around their wonderful office, told us about their corporate culture and gave us great insights about the everyday life there. After that, we started doing these kinds of interviews about corporate culture every week with different companies. Then we decided to include early-stage startups in the project as well and do a Facebook live interviews with them. We did it in March with Tutor.id and the feedback was amazing! So we decided to continue trying many different things with the project.

A week after that, a lockdown started! Companies quickly started to shift from offices to their homes, so we had to change the approach and start writing about general topics. That was the time when we recruited my close friend and our third co-founder — Simonka Hlinkova. We all wanted to take this project to another level so we started the proper preparations for that — we set meetings with different organisations to partner up, we were forming an action plan and trying to form an overall idea of this project. Considering our backgrounds and needs on the market, we decided to create a platform for international students to bring them closer to the startup community and show them how the startup mindset works.

As a result of hard work, we got a 2-month free membership in Lift99 Tallinn Hub and many organisations were interested to partner up with us. That’s when we had an open call for the team and recruited 2 more awesome members — Chirsitna Kitsa from Greece and Darina Raghaill from Estonia.

Since then, we are constantly coming up with new ideas, testing different things, growing communities, partnering up with different organisations and putting huge efforts to make this project happen — empower international students to join startup ecosystem.


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Let us know if you would like to become a member of our community or a team. You are always welcome! 🙌🏼

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