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Welcome to our Event section. Here you will see every type of event we do for our community – we bring people together 🙌🏼

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Here you can see the types of events we do for our live and vibrant community. We try to organise various gatherings and meet-ups, which helps us to bring more and more people together. There we help them to share their thoughts and opinions about different topics, meet each other and grow their network. We try to partner up with the most open-minded and community-friendly venues, which share the same mindset as us. This makes our work more effective and clear. We are very thankful to our amazing partners for that.

Check out the types of events we’ve done so far:

The Startup Gathering

Startup Gathering

These kinds of events are usually organised in the Draper Startup House Estonia. We try to do it at least once a week and the aim is to empower international student communities to join the startup environment. That’s why the topics are related to the startup life mostly.

Saturday Hangout

Our community meet-ups are done in the every other Saturday evening in Rottermanni Epic Coffee Shop in Tallinn. In this case, there is no specific theme of the event. Internationals just visit here to hang out and connect with each other, share their stories and adventures.

Startup Meetup: Experience Sharing


This is the event where we invite founders, executives, co-founders, project managers and other experienced people to share their knowledge and success stories to the audience. The format, in this case is a Fireside Chat or a Panel Discussion. After the event, we have a networking part where people connect with each other.

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