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Welcome to our very own Podcast – The Startup Blender. Here we invite individuals from different startup companies and ask them about their journey in their industry.

They share their stories, failures, where they come from and plans. It’s a lot of fun! Tune in now to be part of it 🍿🍿🍿

The Startup Blender. Check out the Episodes.

In this podcast we invite different international people working in startups and talk about their stories, background, everyday life and challenges in their fun work life. This way listeners will know more about the corporate culture of each company and the secret sauce for their success πŸ”₯

Startup Blender. Episode #8
Guest - Vinit Kumbharkar

Startup Blender. Episode #7
Guest - Kazuki Taira

Startup Blender. Episode #6
Guest - Bouya Maalainine

Startup Blender. Episode #5
Guest Daryl Seager

Startup Blender. Episode #4
Guest - David Castillo

Startup Blender. Episode #3
Guest - Jonathan Galea

Startup Blender. Episode #2
Guest - Daniel Picon

Startup Blender. Episode #1
Host Introduction - Uchaaa and Hardik

Startup Blender - Public Service Announcement. Skit #1 ⚑️

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” We try to invite people who have an interesting story to share from their life. That’s what makes it so significant and interesting! We enjoy having casual conversations with our guests before, during, and after the podcast as well. It is very interesting to see different approaches, different mindsets, and crazy ideas these people have! “
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Interesting stories to hear. Introducing the Startup Blender Podcast.
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The Startup Story. Live Video Podcast

In this project, we visit different startup offices and hubs to do live video interviews with founders and other interesting people in this industry. Each podcast takes up to 45 minutes and mostly we discuss about the crazy startup stories and experiences of our guests. Enjoy!

Recording podcast is a lot of fun!

It is truly a lot of fun to record a podcast. We love the procedure our hearing other stories and meeting soo many interesting people. We welcome everyone on our show. Just let us know if you want to be a part of it too! πŸŽ™

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What is the main objective?

We do this because our goal is to show and point out the different aspects of startup life. That’s why we want to hear from everyone who has any kind of experience in this field, because it is very interesting to see many different perspectives of startup life.

As you already saw, we have 2 main projects: Audio Podcast – Startup Blender and Live-Stream Video: Startup Story. Both of them are there for you to enjoy and hear different stories and perspectives from different people.

Let us know if you want to be part of it. You can either send us a message on Facebook or fill in this form below and we will reach out to you πŸ™ŒπŸΌ