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My name is Ucha and I’m happy to welcome you to my online brand, Startup Adventures.

Here I’ll write some more inspirational stuff later. If you happen to see this draft – good for you! You caught me on the right time. Anyways, I’m a copywriter. Let me know if you wanna collaborate or smth.

Startup Adventures is my blog that I started in 2020. It has been unbelievable since then. But again, I’ll update the content of this website a bit later.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t be this lazy but I really have some other stuff to do too 🙂

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Look, Look. I Also Have a Podcast!

I’ll write about the podcast here. I had many many interesting conversations that that’s why I decided to start my own podcast. 

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See our Live chat with different Founders:

In this episode, we as a team came together to tell you about us and our startups experiences. It was a lot fun and we really had a great conversation.

In this episode, we visited the Ed-Tech startup called Tutor.id. We talked to their 3 co-founders and had a nice chat about their team, challenges, and future plans.

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