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My name is Ucha, and I’m happy to welcome you to my Startup Adventures.

I am a Copywriter and Creator from Georgia. I can help your business become more visible online by writing eye-catching copy for your landing pages and articles that make your visitors go, “Whoah!

Follow along to see more of my work examples!

Startup Adventures, as an initiative, started at the beginning of 2020 from my dorm room. I wanted to do something creative and help my fellow students understand more about how the startup mindset works.

It all started with interviewing various startup companies and organisations about their everyday life and culture. I loved the process of creating valuable content and helping others find their path.

Fast forward to today, I’m a full-time creator, helping companies build their brand authority and deliver their message to their audience in the most understandable way possible.

Have a Look at Some of My Best Articles

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I Love Hearing Good Startup Stories... And Then Writing About Them

One of my biggest passions is hearing success and failure stories behind those marvellous brands that solve global problems and make our lives easier.

Here are some of my interviews with different startups about their big wins, challenges, and tough lessons along the way to success:

Scoro’s Way of Working Smarter Not Harder. The Interview
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Gathering of the Digital Society at Latitude 59. The Interview
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Look! My Articles Are All Over the Internet

Throughout my career, I have been lucky enough to work with some awesome brands and interesting people who have helped me to develop myself as a writer and take my skills to the next level. 

Have a look at some of the collaborations I have done throughout the last couple of years:

Veriff vs Onfido: An In-Depth Comparison
Website: veriff.com
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Interview With eCommerce Experts
Website: printify.com
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Methods to Increase Reach on Socials
Website: wordable.io
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Top Print-On-Demand Products to Sell
Website: wix.com
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Get in touch if you want me to write for your publication too!

Here’s Some Nice Feedback From People I’ve Worked With:​

I work with companies I admire, and I get inspired by the productive collaboration that brings value to their audiences.

What Else Do I Do With My Life, You Ask?

Well, I love experimenting with new ideas and exploring my creativity from different perspectives.

Launching the Startup Adventures gave me an inspiration to start various creative projects under this brand.

We have a bi-weekly Podcast series about startup life, an eCommerce store full of unique startup swag, a Newsletter to give our readers some creative inspiration, and we’re building a community of creators. 

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