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On this page, you will see the projects I’m currently developing.

Follow along, and I’ll tell you how I started my Podcast, eCommerce store, and Newsletter to empower my audience and create content from a broader perspective.

Let’s Start With the My Bi-weekly Podcast About Startup Life

I bet you’ve also had this moment when you spoke to a person and, after the conversation, you went – “Damn! I wish someone had recorded it…”

That’s my whole thought process behind starting the Startup Blender project. I started this project because I wanted to have interesting conversations with awesome people!

I always enjoyed going to tons of startup events, just to chat with attendees and enjoy the networking part. So, what is we bring this networking part to Spotify and make the whole show out of it?

Check Out the Some of My Favourite Episodes​

I Also Sell Merch in My Flamingo Swag Store

Flamingo Swag Store is an eCommerce shop that helps startup enthusiasts clearly communicate their message through the unique products we offer.

I have always been fascinated by the startup culture. I would always attend startup events and get some awesome swag with cool quotes and magnificent visuals. 

So I was thinking… why don’t I just start my own online store and sell all the different kinds of startup swag thingies?

And that’s how Flamingo Swag Store was born as a idea in my head. 

Check Out Some of the Best Products

We Just Got Funded Cap

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The Startup Rockstar Hoodie

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The Startup Dog Bandana Collar

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My Startup Is Better Than Yours Socks

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The Creative Nudge is a newsletter for startup enthusiasts, creators, and online entrepreneurs who need a little inspiration to do their work.

How does it work?

It’s simple! You just sign up, and I’ll send you an email every week containing tons of quality content that might be helpful to building your startup/ project/ initiative/ whatever you’d like to call it.

In addition, I’ll send you a very very very funny joke alongside an email.

What Do You Think of My Projects?

If you’d like to be part of any of these, just let me know. I’d love to connect with you and hear some new ideas for collaboration. 

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